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Application Deployment

The Need

During an OMS implementation, through initial launch and thereafter transition into steady-state, there are significant application deployment activities that can be grouped together. Expicient’s Application Deployment services are offered in conjunction with Implementation Services and/or Application Monitoring and Support Services. These usually involve significant infrastructure design and process build-out to support best practices around the environments, path to production, and managing configuration changes between environments. There are usually several environments to manage: Development, Quality Assurance, System Integration Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Production Environments.

Our Service

Best Practice infrastructure components, software version control, path-to-production release engineering and processes, environment validation processes and automation are critical to maintaining quality within short timelines for implementation phases as well as addressing production-impacting events after launch. The best way to ensure up-time SLAs (Service Level Agreements) is proper diligence in deployment and best practices based release management processes and procedures.Typical duration for application deployment services are as needed based on implementation or production support contracts.

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