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Application Monitoring & Support

The Need

During an implementation, as questions about the product come up, you have a staff of implementation engineers available to clarify the functionality. After you launch and all of those implementation engineers are released, you might find a gap in OMS functional and technical knowledge. Calling the OMS provider for support can result in frustration when the issue is not supported out-of-the-box and might be related to the specific implementation configuration. Expicient Application Support can help! Similarly, you might find it difficult to provide adequate monitoring to ensure high levels of system availability. Expicient Application Monitoring can help you design and implement your support systems and can assist by providing support for system and infrastructure alerts.

Our Service

Expicient teams provide support for your users (Application Support) and your systems (Application Monitoring). Typically your IT department and business users (for e.g. managing individual user access and making corrections for data entry errors) will handle your first-level user support. Expicient teams can complement our clients’ and can provide application monitoring and support to help troubleshoot your Order Management application related issues. The typical duration of application monitoring and support contracts is normally several years.

For details, contact an Expicient account executive at info@expicient.com