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We are always looking to expand our team at Expicient; but we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and “We want the SHARPEST people.”

Smart – The ability to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions to tough problems and situations.
Hardworking – The ability to work at any task, for long hours, be persistent and persevere.
Aspirational – The keen desire to excel, succeed and achieve great things.
Reliable – Be there when you’re needed, and be someone that can be counted upon.
Personable & Fun – Be fun to hang out with, socialize and work with.
Entrepreneurial – Have the ability to take initiative, calculated risks, be decisive and create differentiated value.
Socially responsible – Committed to making a difference to the world around us by investing personal time & resources.
Team players – Ability to lead and work in teams effectively.

Yes, we expect the world from our team. But in turn we promise to provide you with a fulfilling, satisfying and rapidly upward moving career. We also provide you with a chance to be a part of one of the best and most experienced teams in the industry.

We currently have offices in Boston, MA, London, UK, Bangalore and Gurgaon, India.



We are always looking to expand our team with:

  • Client Services Management
    • Experienced Project & Program Managers in the software space, preferably with experience deploying commerce solutions.
  • Solutions Architects & Technologists
    • Omni-channel order management & supply chain experts with industry & operations experience
    • Individuals with software application architecture & development experience.
    • Gurus in Quality assurance & management
    • Highly skilled programmers in core Java, Python, & mobile technologies for iPhones/iPads, Android devices, etc.
    • Technology experts specializing in Web 2.0 eCommerce, cloud-computing platforms, & middleware tools
  • College Hires
    • Individuals with graduate and undergraduate degrees in business, technology or the sciences with a passion to excel and build a great career
    • Highly skilled programmers in core Java, Python, HTML5.0 & mobile e.g. iOS/Android
    • Enterprising young leaders active in college and community associations with exceptional achievements to their credit


We would like to get to know you. Send us your resume along with a cover letter. Postings
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