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The Need

Senior IT managers of Order Management and Fulfillment applications are continuously looking for ways to improve operations and reduce costs. If you relate to these issues and are worried about how your internal IT team can scale to support and manage your applications, we can help.

Our Service

Our training and education services team can help with a custom-built training program specific to your organization’s needs. Whether it is gaining a system-wide view of the order management application, its features, or how it is built, we can help demystify it for your team. Our education offerings include vendor product-specific trainings, such as IBM/Sterling and Manhattan Associates products and include courses that range from a few hours, to 2-4 weeks depending on the requirements. Shorter courses are tailored to suit business users seeking an overview of the application. Other courses are designed to provide in-depth understanding, including the ability to configure, extend and modify the application.


Typical Duration

2 – 4 hours to 8 – 12 weeks

For details, contact an Expicient account executive at info@expicient.com