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Based on JMeter the leading open source performance testing framework, ExTest™ goes a step further by building an automation framework with reusable components and modular structure.


  • Gives the complete flexibility to develop anywhere & run anywhere
  • ExTest™ brings additional configuration options & samplers to JMeter which make Sterling Automation a breeze
  • ExTest™ is Sterling API aware & gives all the APIs as a dropdown in the sampler
  • Supports the Sterling templates as well when invoking API calls.


Performance Testing

  • Proven Performance testing capabilities
  • Can scale as required
  • Does not require very high end infrastructure to run
  • Capable of doing baseline testing, load testing, stress testing, soak testing, & scalability testing
  • Includes a lot of open source plug-ins into one single package to enable a lot of added functionality like monitoring & capturing statistics while running the tests


  • Complete Automation Testing with reusable, modular components
  • Easier maintenance of test scripts due to reusable components
  • Built in methods for introducing data that needs to be generated fresh every time (e.g. Order Numbers), to make the script re-usable multiple times without the need for cleaning up & resetting data
  • Reduce regression testing time and effort, reduce overall testing time
  • Can be integrated with build scripts to run a smoke test after each build automatically & send an email out with the results
  • Run the same suite of tests on multiple environments without any changes to the scripts

For details, contact an Expicient account executive at info@expicient.com