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The Need

Technology and software related defects could have an adverse impact on businesses in the commerce space. Lost sales due to order inaccuracies, inventory availability mismatches etc. can drive up operating expense. Other OMS solution and process defects have a number of negative consequences including operating inefficiencies, manual transactions rework, and customer dissatisfaction. Defect prevention is always better than finding and fixing software issues once you are live.

These types of problems are preventable. With comprehensive Quality Management services, the business order management platform and processes can perform without serious issues. A business that operates free of quality issues allows you to focus on business growth and success rather than firefighting.

Our Service

The consultants in our Quality Management practice have deep expertise on both the functional and technical domains of enterprise application systems. As a result of many years of practice, our QM consultants take a holistic approach to attain and assure systems conform to expected and desired performance. We believe in catching issues & defects upstream, thus preventing costly repairs and rework. Our service approach utilizes a comprehensive set of tools and processes to achieve system quality objectives.

Quality Management engagements closely follow a project’s development cycle and are organized into Planning and Execution. Generally a QM engagement duration is 35% to 50% of the corresponding project’s development time depending on the complexity of the solution being implemented.

The QM strategy & planning phase begins prior to development, during the design phase, where our business analysts & quality consultants review and influence requirements and designs to ensure a highly capable solution is defined prior to the start of development.

  • Any unclear requirements are re-defined.
  • Potential points of failure are analyzed to design a robust system.
  • Testing procedures evaluated and modified on the basis of the requirements and implementation needs.

Typical Duration

4 – 6 weeks

The QM Execution phase tests, stresses, corrects, and validates the system to discover and resolve software defects, non-conformances, and inadvertent issues in the developed system.

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