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User Experience (UX) Design

The Need

Businesses seek return on their investment in eCommerce and web applications. We ensure that the money you invest generates measurable value for your business. The explosion of smart devices and social media implies that it is no longer adequate to have a website or app that your customer can use in a functional way. You need to be sure you can keep your users engaged and that they keep coming back for more. It is imperative to design their user experience in such a way that it guarantees this type of engagement.

Our Service

We understand that the success of your web application hinges on just one thing: How your users perceive it. “Does it give me value? Is it easy to use? Would I use it again?” Our UX Design experts strive to make your users answer with a resounding, “Yes” to all of these questions. Leveraging the domain knowledge of our business and technical specialists, our UX subject matter experts work towards aligning your solution to your business needs, with a constant focus on creating a positive user experience. Our comprehensive UX practice allows you to leverage our expertise on any aspect of UX design.

Comprehensive UI Practice

User Interface Design
Design Evaluation
Visual Design
Strategic Design

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User Interface (UI) Design

UI design is the overall design of your product to ensure it is optimized around what users might need both structurally and aesthetically. The design process includes client-team involvement at every stage for constant feedback on business alignment and technical feasibility. The UI is designed with a focus on UX attributes like ease of use, likes and dislikes, emotional triggers and visual appeal.

Typical Duration

6 – 8 weeks


Design Evaluation

Analytics show hard data on what is working or not working on your site or app. But analytics only give indication of the symptoms; they do not identify the true root causes nor provide the cure. Furthermore, it is difficult to evaluate a new design idea when there are no analytics. Our experts can help you with diagnosing UX issues in existing or new designs



Research Based Evaluation

The only way to understand customers’ perception of your site or app is to actually spend time with customer users. The research-based evaluation is a proven scientific method of obtaining qualitative feedback from real customer users in one-on-one evaluation sessions. These sessions can be used to evaluate new or existing designs, several design options (multi-variant testing), competitive analysis, with focus on UX attributes like ease of use, likes and dislikes, emotional triggers and visual appeal. The analysis of data obtained from these sessions can be used to make informed decisions on improving your site’s or app’s UX design.



Typical Duration

3 – 6 weeks


Low Cost Expert Review

A time and cost effective method where our experts evaluate your product for conformance to established UX standards and best practices, and recommend improvements (with design examples) for identified UX issues.



Typical Duration

2 – 3 weeks


Prototyping offers an extremely cost-effective way of experiencing your final product before investing heavily in full development. It eliminates ambiguities and interpretations of system functionality and allows you to explore several design alternatives.


Rapid (Low Fidelity) Prototyping

Working with low-level design (wireframes) we deliver interactive prototypes in HTML to help you visualize system functionality and behavior, and explore design alternatives. The low level design allows for rapid turnaround on design ideas.

Typical Duration

3 – 4 weeks


High Fidelity Prototyping

Built on top of a rapid prototype, the high fidelity prototype delivers an interactive simulation of your final product in HTML, with complete look and feel incorporated.

Typical Duration

4 – 6 weeks

Visual Design

Visual appeal is the first and most obvious aspect of UX. If done right, it has the ability to draw and secure your customer in, even before they have performed any real interaction. We thrive to ensure that the sites and apps we design are complemented with only the best visual design.

Typical Duration

2 – 4 weeks

Strategic Design (Research Assisted Design)

This is a comprehensive, multi-stage, problem-solving design process that involves your customer users through the entire process. It involves all of our UX services listed prior.

Typical Duration

12 – 15 weeks